Our History

The Crisis Centre, formerly known as The Women’s Crisis Centre, is a registered, non-profit organization that provides services to people who are the victims of physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

The Centre was opened in 1982 by Dr. Sandra Dean-Patterson, who saw an urgent need in the community for such a facility.  During the time the Centre has been in operation, the number of volunteers has grown steadily and the scope of services rendered to the community has been considerably expanded.

Because  of   the  Centre’s   extensive  efforts,  through  radio  shows, newspaper articles,  workshops, school talks  and  other  presentations  to  churches  and  civic organizations, to sensitize the community to the devastating effects of all forms of abuse, the awareness of gender based violence has been enhanced dramatically.

The effects of sexual and domestic violence can be seen at all social and economic levels in the Bahamian society.  The Crisis Centre is committed to work in all communities throughout the islands, with particular emphasis on continuing to raise awareness and targeting the belief systems that perpetuate Sexual and Domestic Violence in our nation.  The socially accepted gender roles that subordinate women are usually at the heart of violence in relationships.  It is believed that when these roles are addressed at an early age through education of equality and non-conflict techniques, relationships will improve.

Some significant history timelines are:

  • 1991 The Domestic Violence and Sexual Offences Act came into being
  • 1992 The Centre was incorporated as a company
  • 1994 The Ministry of Housing and Social Services recognized the Centre as a charity
  • 1995 The Lyford Cay Foundation funded the expansion of Knowles House to make more room available for the Crisis Centre
  • 1995 The Women’s Crisis Centre was changed to The Crisis Centre in recognition of the fact that men and boys were being seen at the Centre
  • 1997 The Centre was recognized and nominated as a model of excellence in Women’s Health Care by the Commonwealth Health Secretariat
  • 1998 The Centre was granted Consultative Status in the United Nations. It was the first Bahamian organization to be granted such status
  • 1998 The Centre held it first Regional Conference
  • 2000 The first Green Ribbon Campaign was launched
  • 2002 The Centre celebrated 20 years with a Ball
  • 2007 The Centre held its second Regional Conference
  • 2012 The Centre celebrated 30 years of service to the community
  • 2012 Peace at Home, Peace in our Community Regional Conference
  • 2013 Creating Circles of Peace in and Around our Families – Outreach Campaign
  • 2014 Production and launched first film and P.S.A’s  “Let’s Talk – A Conversation Can Change a Life”